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Receipt Submission is coming soon to all Pro Club members! All weight circles must be mailed and postmarked by July 31, 2018. We will be unable to accept weight circles after this deadline.

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Download and use the Weight Circle form when it's time to send in the Weight Circles that you've clipped from bags of participating Purina® brand Dog Foods.


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Purina Pro Club Members can order free Puppy Starter Kits to send home with owners of new puppies.


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How It Works

As a Pro Club member, you can clip weight circles from bags of participating Purina brand dog foods, send them in and earn Purina Points. Purina Points can be redeemed for a variety of rewards.


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Your dog’s nutrition is the foundation for everything they do. Review our Pro Club portfolio of brands that help advance your dog’s well-being from pup to senior.


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If you are not a member in Purina Pro Club and you personally care for five or more dogs, five or more cats and/or breed one litter per year, then you are eligible to join. Click here and fill out the enrollment form. It's free and easy to sign up! Please note that Purina Pro Club is a membership program for individual breeder/enthusiasts, not institutional organizations, such as rescue groups, humane societies or animal shelters. United States residents only. Terms and conditions for Purina Pro Club allow for only one name per membership and only one membership per household.

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